Park and Trail Partnership Grants


Park and Trail Partnership Grants—administered by Parks & Trails New York in partnership with the NY Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) and funded through the Environmental Protection Fund—support a wide array of partner efforts, from raising private funds for capital projects and performing maintenance and beautification tasks, to providing innovative educational programming and hosting special events.

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Grant Categories

There are four types of competitive grants available to eligible grassroots, non-profit organizations through the Park and Trail Partnership Grant Program:

Stewardship and Public Access Grants may be used to assist Friends organizations with the stewardship, interpretation, promotion, education, and public access of a New York State park or historic site, or a partnership involving more than one such organization, which significantly enhances the organization’s visibility and capacity.

Capacity and Organizational Effectiveness Grants strengthen the capacity and expertise of organizations that support New York State parks, trails, historic sites, and public lands, or a partnership involving more than one such organization, in order to aid them in fulfilling their mission and to improve their reach, effectiveness, and impact.

Professional Development Grants support the hiring of permanent staff in order to advance Friends organizations to a higher and sustainable level of professionalism, fiscal and administrative stability, and community outreach that in the future they will be able to sustain on their own.

Step-up Grants assist Friends organizations with the administrative and legal fees needed to secure 501(c)(3) status, along with the costs associated with completing a consultant-facilitated organizational assessment and resulting plan(s).

During the review period, our review team gives extra consideration to applications that can “move the needle forward” on the following 3 areas that are a priority for PTNY, and our partners: accessibility; diversity, equity and inclusion; and partnerships.

Your group may still put forward an application that does not focus on these programmatic targets. It’s simply our way of leveraging the additional EPF funds for this program into areas we know need to be addressed in a meaningful way by grassroots groups affiliated with OPRHP and DEC.

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How to Apply

Applying for a Park and Trail Partnership Grant is designed to be an easy process, ensuring the funding opportunity is accessible to every type of Friends group- you do not need to be a fundraising professional! Our online grant portal is easy to navigate and we provide all applicants a wealth of resources to help you navigate the process, learn how applications will be evaluated, and most importantly- create dynamic proposals that will help your group champion your treasured park, site or public land. 


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If you have any questions about the Park and Trail Partnership Grants or want to crowdsource ideas from other applicants, check out the Friends Discussion forums on the grants.

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